who excelled so greatly on the lute that he never had an equal*
Sylvius Leopold Weiss (1687-1750) was son to the lutenist Johann Jakob, who taught him to play the lute from an early age. In 1710 Sylvius was invited to accompany the Polish Prince Alexander Sobiesky to Italy and "astonished all the Italians" (Ernst Gottlieb Baron) during his stay in Rome. In August 1718 he was appointed lutenist to the court in Dresden and stayed in this employment for the rest of his life. Weiss became famous throughout Europe as the finest lutenist of his time. More than 600 pieces for lute have survived by him and this programme comprises some of his finest sonatas

This programme also playable on original lute

* From the memoirs of Princess Sophie Wilhelmine, sister to King Frederick the Great.

13-course baroque lute
Michael Lowe, Oxford 1980
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