Lute music from the Courts of Europe

During the 16th and 17th centuries European courts often competed to employ the best lute players. This gave rise to well-paid work for the great virtuosi who were prepared to travel to find the most lucrative positions. The programme shows the enormous talent and creativity of lutenists active in Europe between 1580 and 1630. It includes music by John Dowland, who worked at the royal courts in Denmark and England, Robert Ballard who worked for Louis XIII of France, Diomedes Cato, who was born in Venice and worked for Sigismund III in Poland, Michelagnolo Galilei, who was born in Florence and was employed by Maximilian I of the Bavarian court and Gregory Huwet, who was born in Antwerp and worked at the court of Wolfenbüttel.

This programme also playable on original lute

10-course lute by Michael Lowe, Oxford 1977
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