Lute music from Scotland and France

The lute was a favourite instrument among the aristocracy in most parts of Europe during the 17th century. This was also true in Scotland. Many young Scotsmen were sent to France as part of their education, and there they would have come into contact with the lute in its latest development. Various tunings for the lute emerged in France at this time, eventually leading to the "baroque" or d-minor tuning and it is significant that the large collection "The Balcarres Lute Book" (c. 1690) contains music for both Scottish and French music a lute in this tuning. The programme has settings of Scottish folk tunes from this manuscript as well as suites by the greatest of the French lutenists from "le grand siécle"; Ennemond and Denis Gaultier, Jacques Gallot, Charles Mouton and others.

This programme also playable on original lute

Original lute by Sixtus Rauwolf, Augsburg c. 1590
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